other buggy bits&bobs

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phil&teds double kit hinge set_black double kit™ hinge set E3dkhv2_ $10.99 USD
phil&teds double kit sun mesh on sport ghosted side view_black SOLD
double kit sun mesh PT-PDKM_ $13.99 USD sold out
phil&teds shoulder pads plain black_black harness shoulder pads PT-PSPADS5_ $10.00 USD
phil&teds harness buckle close up_black SOLD
stroller harness buckle MB1-P5WAY_ $9.99 USD sold out
phil&teds navigator v2 back flap on red navigator_black SOLD
storm cover backflap PT-PBFSV2_ $16.99 USD sold out
phil&teds voyager 2015-2019 frame lock kit ghosted 3qtr view_default voyager™ & dash™ frame lock kit PT-PDFLKIT_V1 $5.00 USD
phil&teds dash v5 double kit adjusters_black SOLD
dash™ double kit attachment brackets DDKAP_ $17.99 USD sold out
phil&teds no image available _black SOLD
dot & sport frame lock kit PT-PKFL_ $7.99 USD sold out
phil&teds clips to fit a carrycot to dot buggy_black SOLD
snug carrycot attachment bracket set PT-PDCClip_ $7.99 USD sold out