how do I make a travel system?

We’ve streamlined our range of adaptors to make it even easier for you!

universal car seat adaptor for inline® strollers

Our universal car seat adaptor simply clicks on our 2019+ inline® strollers & gives you the freedom to attach our alpha™ infant car seat or most leading car seat brands to your stroller in any mode – including twins! Our globally safety certified car seat adaptor is as easy & safe as a regular clicking system but offers way more freedom as it is… well, universal!

adaptors for singles’ strollers

Use the travel system belt to turn your go™ into an easy newborn ready travel system solution by firmly strapping alpha™ infant car seat or most leading car seat brands & use our TS40 adaptors to click on our alpha™ infant car seat to smart™ or mod™

Need an adaptor for a legacy stroller or wanna check if your carseat is compatible with our strollers?

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sport™ travel system sport™ travel system sporty inline® $699.97 USD view product
voyager™ travel system voyager™ travel system uptown inline® $749.97 USD view product