wheel hardware

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phil&teds dash v5 and voyager 2015-2019 mud guard_black SOLD
dash voyager mud guards PT-PDAMGuard_ $7.99 USD sold out
phil&teds dot rear wheel guards_black SOLD
rear wheel guards for dot™ (pre-2019) PT-PMGuard10_ $7.99 USD sold out
phil&teds sport axle set_black rear wheel axle set SPaxleset_ $20.00 USD
phil&teds smart rear axle_default SOLD
smart rear wheel axle PT-PSRA_ $5.99 USD sold out
phil&teds sport lockpin set_default SOLD
Sport J-bar lock pin set SPlpsjbv2_ $4.99 USD sold out
phil&teds wheel bearing set_default wheel bearing set SPbearset_ $10.00 USD
Replacement pair of mudguards for dot 2019+ strollers Rear wheel guards for dot™ PT-PMudguard10setV6_ $10.00 USD