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maintenance kit


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$29.99 USD
Keep your air-filled wheels in perfect conditions with the maintenance kit.

maintenance kit wow! features:

  • your maintenance kit is filled with pneumatic tyre maintenance essentials, helping you get the most out of your phil&teds® buggy.
  • conveniently held in a compact roll-up bag for easy storage on the go

what's in the kit:

1 x tyre pump with gauge
1 x puncture repair kit
1 x sewing kit
1 x spanner tube
1 x spanner (10mm / 0.4")
1 x soft cloth
4 x spare tyre caps
2 x allen keys
3 x silicone grease
3 x tyre levers


compatibility: all tools can be used across all buggy brands



Product Code: TK_V1

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