Extend the use of your 2019+ phil&teds accessories, and turn your double kit™ into a bouncer or elevate snug™ carrycot off the ground with lazyted™!

$49.99 USD

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"This combination means one less piece of baby gear is required in the house"

- Jiana, Wellington

winning features
provides so much value!
soothing & relaxing motion
perfect for on the go!
Folded dimensions
7 x 40 x 55.5cm
Maximum load
9kg / 19.8lbs
Product weight
Unfolded dimensions
28 x 40 x 55.5cm

Setting up your lazyted™ is easy! Find all the details you need here for how to set up and use!


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phil&teds double kit in sky blue 3qtr view_sky double kit™ front&back $169.99 USD
phil&teds snug carrycot with lid 3/4 view_black snug™ carrycot rest&relax $179.99 USD
phil&teds lambswool liner keeps your baby and buggy cozy and warm_natural lambswool liner woolly&warm PT-LAMBSWLINER_V6 $89.99 USD
phil&teds snuggle & snooze sleeping bag with baby inside in red top view_red sleeping bag snuggle&snooze PTSB_V2 $69.99 USD

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